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Chudy Cues  -  RC3-6CS

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Richard Chudy “Celtic” 5 pt. Spalted Maple Wildwood Burl & Silver, 1 of 1, $4,400 (RC3-6CS)
Richard Chudy (pronounced: choo' dee) was one of the featured cue makers at the 2006 International Cue Collectors Show in Las Vegas. This stunning, one-of-a-kind commissioned cue was part of Rick's exhibit. His background as an artist and sculptor is apparent here in the elegant Sterling silver cast ringwork in a Celtic design.
The emerald and sapphire colored spalted maple Wildwood burl forearm has five inlaid silver-veneered points; the butt sleeve mirrors this design. Solid cast Sterling silver rings decorate the cue at ABCD&E.
The flat-faced wood-to-wood joint features his G-10 glass epoxy joint pin, a low mass material, lighter, stronger, and more flexible than titanium or steel. This proprietary pin has a custom profile, using a modified 3/8-10 thread. By using the G-10, a big chunk of weight is taken out of the middle of the cue, making it more responsive. The joint collar is black linen phenolic.
An ivory plug in the tip of the pin is engraved with “rc3” and the serial number,  “00205”. The Richard Chudy Custom Cues logo “rc3” appears in gold on the forearm at the base of one of the points. The cue is finished with a smooth black leather wrap and black linen phenolic butt cap with a rubber push-in bumper.
Two matched 12.9mm, 4.3 oz. shafts with ivory ferrules, unplayed. The cue comes with a full set of joint protectors, including a custom ebony and silver pin protector with the rc3 logo engraved in the top.
Weight: 19.6 oz. Length: 58 inches. The balance point is 19 inches from the butt end.
The cue is 100% new condition.
PRICE: $4,400   BUY / Contact Us
You can read more about Richard Chudy in the September, 2005 BILLIARDS DIGEST "Wand Workshop".