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The new BLUE BOOK OF POOL CUES, Third Edition was released in 2005.  Revised, updated, and expanded to 912 pages, the new edition  “kicked it up another notch” from the previous two editions by Brad Simpson.
The 3rd Edition features 312 more pages of information and photos, including:
- Hundreds of new cue photos, including an all-new CUE GALLERY color section
 - Expanded and updated A-Z section, including 100+ additional cue makers
 - Glossary of pool cue terms
 - Updated Trademark Index for 300+ cuemakers, with e-mail addresses and web sites

Copies of the Deluxe Limited Edition hard cover
Blue Book of Pool Cues, 3rd Edition
are available for $300 (includes shipping within continental U.S.

Only 300 copies were printed, and they sold out almost immediately.
Please go to our BUY / Contact Us page and contact Martyne Bachmen if you wish to place an order.

Martyne S. (Sue) Bachmen of CHALKERS.COM has been buying, selling, and collecting cues for the past 18 years. Martyne was a contributing writer for BILLIARDS DIGEST for over 15 years. Her most recent articles have focused on the world of cues, including cue maker profiles and the collector shows.

The photos illustrating her stories are taken by Martyne or her partner, Hugh Tiernan, who was the principal photographer for the Blue Book of Pool Cues, 3rd Edition. In addition to photo layouts, Martyne contributed text revisions and new material to the 3rd edition.

You can view many of their cue photos in Martyne's Cue Articles, including her monthly “Wand Workshop” feature focusing on individual cuemakers.
PHOTOS submitted for the Blue Book 'Cue Gallery'