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All note cards are (5 x 7 folded), blank inside, printed on heavy card stock in the USA.  Envelopes included.
01NC - A Billiard Party
02NC - Le Partie de Billard
03NC - Billiards - A Kiss
04NC - Au Cafe by Gauguin
05NC - Club Friends
also a (20" x 27.5") poster
06NC - Napoleon at Billiards
07NC - "Mayst thou thy Christmas happily begin" (Children Playing Bagatelle)

NOTECARDS  - 5 x 7" printed on heavy coated card stock, suggested retail: $2.25 each; $15.00 per box of 7, includes envelopes

25/pack (one image):   $25.00                    
25/pack (assortment - 3 or 4 of each card): $25.00
Boxed set: One each of all 7 cards  @$10.00
                   6 or more boxes: @$8.00

Item No.     Description of Image    
728-001      Billiards Party circa 1905           
728-002      Le Partie de Billard               
728-003      Billiards - A Kiss               
728-004      Au Café (Gauguin)
728-005      Club Friends
728-006      Napoleon & Josephine
728-007      Children Playing Bagatelle     

POSTERS (20" x 27.5")                 @$20.00
24C-005  Club Friends

POST CARD DISPLAY RACK - holds up to 16 different 4x6 cards, stands on counter top - Heavy-duty wire, white finish.  Special: $24.95

NOTE: Prices do not include shipping.  MINIMUM ORDER: $20.00    Buy / Contact Us