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Most of the paintings offered here are high quality reproductions of museum paintings by famous artists. All the museum art is either oil on canvas or oil on board mounted in a museum quality frame.

The collection also contains a few original pieces that are differentiated by "title" and artist's name.

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"Mona Lisa
with a Pool Cue"
by Debra Aarens
30x22 - oil on canvas
"Une Cocote"
(Woman playing Billiards)
19th C. French Lithograph
"Woman with Attitude"
by Victor Villarreal
43x31 - acrylic on paper
Whisperings of Love
(after Bougereau)
46x36 - oil on canvas
The Musicians
(after Caravaggio)
39x49 - oil on canvas
"Cupid's Revenge"
by M. Louise Stanley
40x52 - acrylic on paper
The Odalisque
48x60 - oil on canvas
"Carrera's Cafe"
by Victor Villarreal
51x63 - acrylic on canvas
"The Winning Shot"
by Sofanya
52x76 - oil on canvas